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ISOpen - Crea dei CD o dei DVD a partire dalle immagini disco, oppure aprile

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What if you don’t have some burnable CD / DVDs lying around but wish to open the contents of an ISO and other similar CD image files? What if you wanted to mount those image files on a virtual DVD drive and run programs and media files? ISOpen is the solution to all these problems.
Without the need for a physical DVD drive, you can still get a virtual drive that operates as a storage medium for DVD images. ISOpen supports file formats such as ISO, BIN, XA, CMI, CIF, MDF, CDI, C2D, BWI, CUE, IMG, CCD, NRG, Vapor CD, PDI, MD1. This image mounting and burning software comes with many features and functionality. Instead of storing so many files and copies of the DVD drive’s contents, you can easily manage them in the form of one file image that’s compressed and stores all the information at one place.
With ISOpen you can also burn these images into blank CD/ DVDs, with their booting functions and folder and file structure integrity fully intact. This ensures that they work the same as their original copies, making audio CD files and DVD movies as great as the original.
Convert ISO file formats into other formats. Extract the contents of the image file wherever you want. Create ISOs from any files and folders on your storage mediums. Also create Bin, Cue even the Nero NRG image formats from your favorite DVDs.


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